Smart Village Concept & Achievements

Development of Smart Village Dhanora of Dhaulpur, Rajasthan Human society cannot achieve the goal of real development, if the majority of its people, particularly villagers, live in an unhealthy and unhygienic conditions due to lack of access to safe drinking water, modern health and education facilities and sanitation facilities. Poor facilities of water and sanitation have many other serious repercussions. There is a direct nexus in between water, sanitation, health and human wellbeing. The consumption of contaminated drinking water, improper disposal of human excreta, lack of personal and food hygiene and improper disposal of solid & liquid waste are the root causes for many diseases in India. The inadequate civil amenities in rural areas results in the mass migration of rural population to urban areas which inter alia puts an unbearable burden over the natural resources and civil amenities of those urban areas. Considering all these aspects of human development and rapid deterioration of natural resources Eco Needs Foundation has initiated the concept of “Smart Village”. Under this project the Foundation is adopting villages and putting efforts for sustainable development by providing basic amenities like sanitation, safe drinking water, internal road, tree plantation, water conservation. The Foundation is also working for inculcating moral values in the society and for improving the standard of living of the villagers. In the concept of “Smart Village” the development of the village shall be based on the five paths Retrofitting, Redevelopment, Green fields, e-Pan, Livelihood. Under the concept of smart Village, the Foundation has adopted Village Dhanora, Teh. Bari, District Dhaulpur, one of the small village of Rajasthan, to develop it as India’s First Smart Village. The village is situated 30 km away from Dhaulpur district head quarter and 248 Km from Jaipur. The population of the village is nearly about 2000. The village was not having proper sanitation facility, potable water facility, which were adversely causing the health of the villagers. The internal roads were also not there and it causes great hardship to the people especially in rainy season. Owing to unawareness and non-availability of sanitation facility and toilets the people of the village used to go open for defecation. Addition to it there were other problems such as Fluoride concentration in drinking water, No water conservation System, Encroachment on the roads, Electrical power fluctuation, No outcome base education, Unemployment and poverty etc. Methodology to create smart village Dhanora A) Redevelopment: B) Retrofitting: C) Green Field: D) e-Pan: E) Livelihood: In a short span of two years the Foundation has converted this village as India’s first Smart Village. The major achievements are: 1. Construction of 822 toilets in the Panchayat area with the help of district administration and public participation accordingly, the Dhanora Gram Panchayat has been declared as the first “Open Defecation Free” (ODF) Panchayat by District Administration. 2. Village Dhanora become India’s first village having sewerage line with treatment plant. The Foundation has laid down nearly 2 Km long sewerage line of diameter 450 mm in the village. Each of the toilets of Dhanora village have been connected to sewerage line with inspection chambers. 3. Construction of nearly 2 Km long cement concrete internal roads constructed with 3.5 m to 4.5 m width with high quality. 4. Construction of eight Percolation tank connecting with nearly 2.5 Km artificial channel of 10 feet in width and 10 feet in depth for water conservation and ground water recharge with public participation and with the help of government having groundwater recharge capacity of 97.49 Million liters in one time recharge, which will provide irrigation facility to farms of the village and nearby villages resulting into economic growth of farmers. 5. The work of the removal of encroachments and road widening has been completed without using any police force. Now the whole village is having motorable road in the village. 6. Construction of nearly 2 km approach road at Dhodekapura village of the Dhanora Panchayat, which was not done in last 65 years. 7. The police Administration is going to declare the village as “APRADH MUKKTA GAON” (Crime Free Village), no case or FIR in Police Station. 8. The foundation stone for community centre and information centre has been laid down, work under progress. Work of solar street light, skill development centre, library, meditation centre, sport complex, Wi-Fi facility, and community toilet will be taken up in due course of time and as per availability of funds.